Coming Soon....Bathroom Contest

We just announced through social media that we will be holding a contest to find the best and worst of the gas station bathrooms. 

Why? Because great gas prices and money saving deals are awesome, but if the bathroom isn't kept up and you need to use it, who should waste their time stopping? As a father myself, I will choose a clean bathroom over great prices to make sure my kids have a nice place to do their business. So this will help us kick off the next phase in our mobile app, which is allowing users to rate and review the overall gas station on several factors, including the bathroom. 

Starting now through Labor Day (Sept 7th, 2015), any bathroom you see/use at a gas station is eligible.

We will need the following from you:

  1. A picture of the bathroom. Get the best angle and view of it to capture the feeling that makes it the best/worst.
  2. Location: Gas Station name and address.
  3. Email this information to

We will be posting these pictures to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, but we will not use your name or any identifying information unless you give us permission. Also we will be setting something up in social media so you can post directly there as well.  

More to come...stay tuned.

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