Unlimited Stations and Deals

Our service is free for unlimited stations and deals.

What does this include?

  1. Add as many stations as you want
  2. Add as many deals as you want
  3. Ability to add a manager or employee to your account so they can manage the deals

What does it really cost?

Well, no money. But it does cost a little bit of time. Your time to enter your deals and gas station details. 

  1. Setup is easy and if you have a lot of gas stations, we can help you set them up.
  2. Enter deals that expire in a month or two. This takes a couple of minutes that you can do at the first of the month or when your deals start.
  3. Update gas prices by logging in when you need to and updating the station's gas prices.

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Want more?

Our paid plan is $20 per month per store and includes social media advertising for your station, your deals, and the app so more people can find you. 


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