Pit Stop 2.3 Released for iOS and Android

We are happy to announce the release of Pit Stop version 2.3 for iOS and Android devices. This new version has a Map tab. It will show you a Google map of your location (blue pin) and then the location of gas stations and deals near you (red pins). Tap on a pin to see more information and then tap on the title to view more information about the station or deal. For gas stations, the first 3 gas prices are shown. 

Remember, if you don't find any gas prices in your area, feel free to create an account and add the gas prices or drop us a note with your city/state or zip and we'll work on getting them added!

The same goes for Deals.

To download, go to http://onelink.to/pitstop on your mobile device (available for iOS or Android).

Or view in the App Stores:  Google Play or Apple App Store

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