What products/deals can be added or found in The Pit Stop App?

Drink, food, gas...whatever.  Any deal that can be found at a gas station or convenience store.  Types of deals supported so far (through the web interface) are:

  • Buy # of items for $:  2 Pepsi 20 oz for $2.80
  • Buy this and get that: Buy 10 gallons of gas and get a free drink
  • Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
  • Combo Deals: Slize of pizza and drink for $3.50
  • Other basic deals or promotions: Free ice-cream cone from 3pm - 5pm today
  • more to come...

How much does it cost to find deals?

Nothing. Zero. Nada. The mobile app is free and the only way to find deals when you are on the go.

Who can add a deal?

Gas Stations/Convenience stores who have an account with The Pit Stop App. Mobile users can enter basic deals once they have registered.

I'm a mobile user and I didn't find any deals in my area. What should I do?

You can register for an account through the mobile app and add deals that you find. Also, tell your friends about the app so they can enter deals too, making it easier for you to find more. 

I'm a Gas Station, how can I try Pit Stop before purchasing a subscription?

We offer a free plan that gives you some of the features of the full paid plan. Free accounts can add one active deal per store.  Read more or signup now

I'm a Gas Station with lots of deals and stores, do I have to manually enter everything into the website?

No you don't have to. We can work with you to upload your store information and your deals on an ongoing basis. You can contact us and we can discuss the options to see what would work best for you.

I'm a Gas Station, can't I just add/update my gas and deals through the free mobile app?

Yes you can! And that would be a very helpful starter to get your gas/deals in the app. The service we offer has more benefits to you as the gas station though. Not only is it easier to add/update information, but you also have access to enter more details about your store. Also, your deals can utilize our advanced scheduling, so if you have an ice-cream special from 3pm - 5pm today, you can schedule that through the web service. You can also enter your next month's deals through the web and schedule them to start on the first of the month. This way customers will find your deals right away, instead of gradually when they happen to stop in your store.